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Concrete Floor & Tile Repair

Typical DeltaStone Applications - Concrete Resurfacing, Concrete Crack Repair, Patio Coatings, Garage Floors, Concrete Patterns, Concrete Sidewalks, Pool Decks.

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DeltaStone Poolside Concrete RepairDeltaStone is an innovative resurfacing system that will transform almost any surface. Sometimes referred to as pebble stone flooring, similar systems have been seen on these popular home improvement shows:  *Yard Crashers, House Crashers, Bath Crashers and I Hate My Bath. 

We will apply this beautiful stone overlay to concrete, tile, flooring and more.  The simple process eliminates the need for costly demolition.  DeltaStone is the perfect solution to many interior and exterior projects in residential as well as commercial settings.  A mixture of small river stones creates a nonskid surface that is comfortable to walk on with your bare feet.  This makes it ideal around pools and hot tubs.

We offer five colors that can be combined for a custom blend. This allows you to choose the color that will best compliment your design. To further customize the look; we can add borders or patterns.  The possibilities are endless.

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